Don’t neglect your Long Island septic tank maintenance! We’ll make sure it’s always in working condition, so that is can properly contain the waste from your home and move it to the cesspool.

Regular maintenance will extend the life of your cesspool and keep your property safe within Long Island regulations.

There are many codes and recommendations regarding cesspool maintenance on Long Island. According to the county, once we remove the water from your cesspool, it can’t be dumped back in. This keeps your system as clean and environmentally friendly as possible. Plus, cesspools on Long Island can be difficult to perform maintenance on yourself. This is because if you’re not completely familiar with the location of your cesspool on your property, or surrounding pipelines, you might accidentally flood your property. That’s why you should leave it to the professionals at Campos Cesspool, working alongside Bulldog Contracting, to give you service you can depend on in Long Island.

We only do the highest quality work, so you can rely on us. In addition, you may be eligible for a service contract with us if you run a business.

The lifespan of a cesspool is entirely dependent on the size of the septic tank and the number of people in the house.

However, we recommend cesspool maintenance, including a pumping, every six years on Long Island. This process will completely eliminate solids and dirt from your cesspool, leaving it clean and ready to function for many more years. When too many solids build up, it can back up your cesspool and lead to a system failure. That’s why cesspool and septic tank maintenance on Long Island is so important; without it, your septic system could become so damaged that it would need to be removed and replaced with a new one.

You and your family can also take other steps to ensure that your Long Island septic tank and cesspool are functioning well.

One way is by selecting energy efficient appliances that use less water. The most important ones to think about changing are your washing machine and shower head. In addition, by switching to water saving appliances, you’ll lower your energy bills and put less stress on your cesspool. Regular maintenance will also prevent costly repairs that could waste extra water.

To avoid clogs and buildups, make sure that you’re only flushing products, materials, and chemicals that a plumbing and septic system can handle. This means not flushing paper, scraps of food, cooking oil, and more.

For quality cesspool and septic tank maintenance on Long Island, call 631-361-6310. We’d love to provide you with a free estimate! We also have 24/7 emergency service, as well as Spanish staff, for your convenience. With over 15 years of experience in the business and fully insured services, Campos Cesspool will know how to take care of your cesspool.