Whether you need us to excavate land for a swimming pool construction or another type of job, Bulldog Contracting will take care of it for you.

We work to prepare properties for future construction, clean up after recent demolitions, and more.

Our main job when performing excavation services on Long Island is to remove the old dirt or land. This is replaced with new, sturdy foundation, which is especially important if something is going to be built on top of it. We follow all of Long Island’s codes, as well as survey your property before cleaning the land, so you won’t ever run into future problems.

All of our employees do only the best work to make sure your property or your neighbors’ isn't damaged.

Plus, we work quietly to avoid disruptions. We actively avoid damages that involve any kinds of cables, such as telephone and other electric wires. We carefully inspect your Long Island job site for any hazards before we begin the excavation.
Each site and project needs to be handled differently, no matter what kind of excavation we’re completing on Long Island. With each job, we use unique methods, because not all land is the same. It’s extremely rare that unexpected complications happen, like hitting ground water or an underground expanse of rocks. However, our team is well-trained in handling these surprises when doing excavation on Long Island.

Besides just our excavation services, we can easily perform land clearing throughout Long Island.

This includes removing anything from shrubs to trees on your property. We’re also completely knowledgeable about all types of soils in Long Island, so we’ll know what may cause cave-ins and what definitely won’t when we do a land clearing. When performing your Long Island excavation, we’ll work hard to exceed all your expectations.

Protect your home from hurricanes or any natural disaster.

Because there have been so many recent hurricanes on Long Island, we understand how important it is to keep your property safe. This means a clear yard with no trees near your home. Leave it to us to remove any potentially dangerous trees, along with their stumps.
Bulldog Contracting always comes to each job, equipped with the most efficient equipment. That’s how we do the job right. In addition, we use only the most efficient land clearing methods to keep your Long Island property and surroundings undamaged. We know all Long Island regulations that concern land clearing as well, so you won’t have to worry about the legal aspects of the process. We proudly service Easthampton, Nesconset, Nissequogue,Smithtown, St. James, Southampton, and many more Suffolk County locations. Talk with us today at (631) 361-6310 to get started on preparing your site.