If you and your family don’t use your Long Island home’s in-ground swimming pool, it may be time to remove it. You’ll no longer have to deal with the hassle that comes with maintaining one.

Removing your unused pool can help protect you and your family members from diseases.

This includes the West Nile Virus. It’ll also prevent your children from entering a swimming pool that might not pass code. If your pool hasn't been maintained, you could be at risk of these dangers. Luckily, Bulldog Contracting of Long Island is more than happy to provide Long Island pool removal services. We can remove an in-ground pool or perform a pool demolition on your property.

We can either perform a full or a partial pool removal anywhere on Long Island.

It just depends on your preference and budget. A full removal of an in-ground pool can be an expensive option, but it’ll make your home more valuable. Your yard will also look great. Meanwhile, a partial pool demolition will only remove the first few feet of the pool, then cover the rest with dirt. It’s affordable, but it might affect the value of your Long Island property if you decide to sell it.

Types of Pool Removal Services in Suffolk County:


Besides removing in-ground pools, we can also safely remove an above-ground pool from your Long Island home.


Fiberglass pools are difficult to drain and remove by yourself because of how easily they warp. Let our Long Island pool removal company do all of the work instead!

Semi In-Ground Pools

While semi in-ground pools tend to be less complex to remove, they still require the experience of a professional.

Vinyl Liner

These types of pools are relatively easier to remove compared to concrete pools and Bulldog Contracting promises to do the absolute best job.

If you remove a pool after not using it for a long time, you could be qualified to get financial benefits.

It’s possible to lower your taxes on your home after in-ground pool removal on Long Island. This is possible by obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy. Our company is always keeping up with changing codes on Long Island when it comes to removing in-ground pools. Whatever you need to have done, we’ll take care of it and make sure everything is up to your standards and in compliance with local codes.

For more information on the possible benefits of removing your in-ground pool, call Bulldog Contracting at (631) 361-6310.