Our company has demolition and dump truck rentals throughout Long Island! We also have many other services to choose from too.

As Long Island demolition experts, we also provide many other services.

Drainage Systems and Dry Wells

It’s possible that your home could use an updated drainage system, especially if it’s an older house. We can help you decide on one that’s right for you and your property, then quickly install it. For example, a dry well installation is the best way to prevent water from building up and eventually freezing on your walkways. By routing the water to the underground dry well, you can enjoy ice-free sidewalks and driveways.


Sometimes a trench needs to be dug to install a new pipe system. This is definitely not a do-it-yourself job, so let the professionals at Bulldog Contracting do the job for you.

Stump Removal

If you’ve cut down a tree recently, we can remove the stump with no hassle. Stumps can often be stubborn and need heavy machinery to be removed, but they’ll be no match for our Long Island demolition specialists.

Sod Installations

Laying down sod is the perfect way to get a fresh start to a healthy lawn. Our Long Island demolition company is great at installing sod on our customers’ lawns, and will make sure that yours is set up to thrive.

Dump Trucks

We can help you transport any kind of debris with our Long Island dump trucks, or you can rent one if you want to do the job yourself. Our dump truck rentals have some of the best equipment on Long Island.