Snow Plowing Suffolk County

Don’t let winter take you by surprise – instead, call Bulldog Contracting for all of your snow plowing needs in Suffolk County. Our main priority is making sure that your business keeps running smoothly. For your convenience and peace of mind, we’re also fully licensed for snowplowing in Suffolk County. In addition, we have years of experience to ensure that we use only the most modern and effective methods to complete the job. No matter what the weather’s like, we’ll help your Suffolk County business stay open with commercial snow plowing services.


Snow can be a dangerous element to deal with, especially when the roads are iced over. When you contact our Suffolk County company for expert snow plowing, we’ll respond quickly and get there as soon as possible. In addition, we’ll work quickly to ensure that there’s absolutely zero snow in your parking lot. We’re genuinely concerned about your business and want to make sure that it’s free of potential hazards.


BULLDOG_SNOW1Instead of taking time away from your work, leave snow plowing to a team of Suffolk County professionals. We’ll completely clear your building’s parking lot of snow so your business can stay open and uninterrupted. You’ll be able to continue operations as normal. Your employees and customers will also have an easier time accessing your building during the storm. In addition, you’ll have an advantage over the competition when your business is open and running, while everyone else’s is closed.


Most importantly, both you and your employees won’t have to worry about possibly slipping or getting into a car accident on your property. That’s because we also offer ice melts, for the best ice removal, to go along with our snow plowing services in Suffolk County. They’re all designed to help melt any ice on your pavement, while providing friction to both shoes and cars on the surface. We have four different types to choose from.


The first is salt/sand, which helps with friction the most. We can help clean up after it’s no longer needed too. We also have 100% salt that effectively melts ice with no cleanup. Meanwhile, our beet juice can do all of that while remaining environmentally friendly. It’s safe for any animals that may enter your parking lot as well. Finally, we carry natural ice control geomelt which melts ice the quickest, which is non-toxic. All of these choices will contribute to a safer environment for your work place, which you, your employees, and your customers will all appreciate.


If you’re unsure what the best ice melt is best to couple with your snow plowing, give Bulldog Contracting of Suffolk County a call now at (631) 863-0787. We’ll recommend the right one to meet your needs. Additionally, we’d be more than happy to discuss all of our snow plowing options with you. We want you to know that you can completely depend on us to meet all of your snow plowing needs in Suffolk County. That’s because we value safe working environments as well as work that’s always done properly.